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Palevsky is a surname that appears to have originated within the Jewish population of the Kobrin region of present-day Belarus. Today, there are Palevsky families throughout the United States, as well as in at least Israel, England, Canada, Argentina and Russia. Being that most of the Palevsky families are from the same small region, one can theorize that they all descend from a common ancestor. However, this remains to be proven.

This website was developed to promote the single-name genealogical study of the Palevsky surname. We're attempting to contact all the Palevsky families that we can find and invite them to contribute information about their Palevsky ancestors. We also hope that Palevsky families who are currently unknown to us will find their way to this website and eagerly contribute information about their own Palevsky ancestors. If the name Palevsky appears anywhere in your family tree, even if it's someone who married into your family, we urge you to contact us. In genealogy, we often find that one seemingly insignificant clue can lead to huge breakthroughs, so the more information we get, the more successful this study will be.

About the Palevsky surname:
  • Spelling variations: Palevsky, Palevski, Palefsky, Palefski, Palewsky, Palewski, Pelefsky, Polevski, Polewsky, Polofsky
  • Alternate surnames: Paley, Paler, Palew, Paller, Pallingston, Pallor, Pallow, Paul, Paull, Peles, Pierce, Poloff
  • More alternate surnames: Cohn, Friedman, Glass, Nathanson, Rabinovich, Saltzman, Tenenbaum
  • Towns of origin: Kobrin, Antopol, Brest-Litovsk (Brisk), Horodetz, Kustovichi, Lyakovichi, Mozyr, Kolki, Warsaw, Vilna
  • Present-day locations: United States, Israel, England, Canada, Argentina, Russia, France

Use the menu on the left to browse the family trees that we've collected for this study so far. We encourage you to contact us if you have additional information about the families listed on this website or about any Palevsky families not yet listed on this site.

Thanks for your participation in this project!

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